Daily Archives: October 9, 2009

A battle of the bands is coming to the iPhone. No sign of Guitar Hero yet, but Electronic Arts showed off Rock Band for the iPhone and iPod touch this week at the CTIA show in San Diego.

That will put it in competition with the hugely successful Tap Tap Revenge from Tapulous, a similar rhythm game that has brought out special editions for musicians such as Coldplay, Lady Gaga and Nine Inch Nails. Read more

Android phones loomed large at the CTIA show in San Diego this week, while the FCC chairman made the trip to the West Coast to warn the wireless industry’s convention of a looming spectrum crisis.

AT&T and others blamed heavy-duty data users and smartphones like the iPhone for a 5,000 per cent increase in data traffic over three years.

It has also been a big week for antitrust cases, as Europe finally ended its battle with Microsoft and the US began one with IBM.

We discussed all of this and more in our weekly FT techtalk – a live, multimedia chat with the FT’s tech correspondents. Read the transcript below and  join us again next week – at 0800 Pacific time (1500GMT, 1600BST) here on Friday. Read more

As the Department of Justice gets further along with its investigation into how IBM maintains its dominance of the mainframe market, Lacy Edwards is certainly someone it will want to talk to.

Mr Edwards is the boss of Neon Enterprise Software, a small Texas company that is trying to make a living around the edges of the mainframe business.

Big Blue, however, is having none of it. It has written to some of Neon’s customers warning them that if they buy the company’s software, they could be in breach of their licences from IBM – even though it confesses it has yet to get a close look at Neon’s technology.

Does that sound like a case of FUD, designed to scare customers away from a rival’s product? That’s certainly the way Mr Edwards sees it. Read more