Daily Archives: October 19, 2009

A compendium of digital book announcements for you today.

First, Spring Design has announced Alex (pictured), the first Android-based eReader, with full web browsing capabilities and patented dual-screen technology. Read more

An ARM race is beginning to take shape in smartphones, as the latest models demand faster processors to deal with an expanding range of computing and multimedia activities on devices.

Marvell announced today it would overtake Qualcomm’s 1GHz  Snapdragon processor with a new family of Armada processors, based on ARM of the UK’s designs, capable of speeds up to 1.2Ghz.

That is twice the clock speed of the 600Mhz iPhone 3GS and the new Motorola Droid, reported to contain a 600Mhz Texas Instruments processor. Read more

The amount of anti-iPhone propaganda emanating from Verizon Wireless suggests the rumour mongers have all been wrong that the US carrier will finally get the device when AT&T’s exclusive agreement with Apple expires in June 2010.

Verizon’s latest jibe at the iPhone and AT&T came this weekend with a teaser commercial for its first Android phone – the Motorola Droid, launching in November. Read more