Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Earlier this year we asked if Facebook was “monopolising the social networking market“.

An upstart social network aggregator, Power.com, had sued Facebook in California court, and it looked like the law might force Facebook to open up its walled-garden. Power was alleging that Facebook restricts users and stifles competition, and was in violation of California’s unfair competition laws and US antitrust laws.

The answer seems to be no. On Friday a judge dismissed the case. Power’s claims “contain no factual allegations,” wrote US district judge Jeremy Fogel. Read more

In this week’s FT techtalk, whatever was under discussion, it was hard to avoid bringing Apple into the conversation.

A blow-out quarter, new products, fresh Android competition for the iPhone and Nokia launching a legal strike – Apple is in everyone’s sights.

We also looked at the latest eReaders (yes, we’re sure there’s an Apple one coming as well) and assessed whether they are ready to be bestsellers with consumers or end up in the remainders pile.

And we reported live as Microsoft issued its first-quarter earnings.

Read the multimedia transcript below and join us live again next Friday for FT techtalk, a multimedia chat with the FT’s tech correspondents. Read more