Daily Archives: October 29, 2009

In July we reported on how East Africa ended its isolation as the world’s last region not connected to the global broadband network. Until that point, the region relied on “satellite internet links that are slow, unreliable and often prohibitively expensive, problems that have inhibited business activity, public sector efficiency and the spread of internet access.”

Now the investment in that new technology is paying dividends. As Barney Jopson reports, Kenyans are rushing to get their businesses online and adopting “the late 1990s vocabulary of ‘B2B’ (business-to-business) and ‘B2C (business-to-consumer) transactions.” Read more

Sometimes it feels like every news story you read is about Apple. If it’s not the iPhone or the phantom tablet, then it’s Steve Jobs’ health.

So to make up for it, today’s headlines are being hogged by Google. There was the first appearance of the much-hyped Android 2.0 on the Droid handset, not to mention what Techcrunch called a “killer app” for the new mobile software platform: a navigation service (see item below).

But that’s not all. In other Google news: the launch of Music Search, and efforts to appease the FCC. Read more