Daily Archives: November 5, 2009

Two weeks after the launch of Windows 7 come some early data on how it is faring with consumers (while these sales are minor in the bigger scheme of things, getting early favourable buzz going with consumers is an essential part of building momentum for the new operating system).

According to research firm NPD, purchases of the software upgrade in the US were 82 per cent higher in the first few days than they were at the launch of Vista (in dollar terms). You can put most of that down to promotional offers. Read more

Google logoGoogle has had several years of tussles now with privacy regulators. Three years ago European data protection commissioners began question what the company was doing with all the personal data it was gleaning from users of its search engine. In the past year, the company has faced outrage – at least in some pockets like Italy, Japan and Switzerland – over Street View, which provides panoramic, eye-level views of every street of major cities around the world.

Earlier this year, a leading privacy group called on the US Federal Trade Commission to consider shutting down Google’s web services until the company could better safeguard personal data. There have been a number of instances where Google Docs, Google Desktop and Gmail have had glitches which made users personal documents visible to others. Read more

The growth of the smartphone category is causing intense competition among operating systems, handset makers and the chipmakers that supply them.

Paul Jacobs, chief executive of Qualcomm, the biggest wireless chipmaker, sees that competition intensifying over the next year in smartphones and other handsets, which will translate into lower prices. Read more