Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

Working from home on Friday, I noted 17 cars, 10 people and a squirrel come and go in our small cul-de-sac.

Not that I spent most of the time looking out of the window – I was just trying out new motion-detecting webcam software from Vitamin D, inspired by the way humans recognise patterns. It has been released in a free public beta from Monday. Read more

Twitter and LinkedIn will start letting users sync their accounts starting Tuesday, allowing posts from LinkedIn to appear in Twitter streams, and vice versa. It’s a move aimed at the growing base of business users who take advantage of social networking sites.

LinkedIn, with more than 50m members, is the largest professional network on the web. Twitter, meanwhile, has become a favourite social site for brands, marketers and self promoters (not to mention idle worker bees).

The partnership makes a good bit of sense, and could prove useful. Read more

Cisco has been on a buying binge as it moves into the collaboration software market. But it has yet to address one overriding question: where’s the glue that will turn an interesting collection of pieces into a coherent whole?

The latest evidence of Cisco’s ambition is on display at its Collaboration Summit, which is taking place in San Francisco the first three days of this week. Among the new products it has unveiled: its first Web-based corporate email service (for as little as $3.50 a month per user) and a social-networking portal for employees to connect with each other.

All well and good. But how do all the pieces fit together? Read more