Daily Archives: November 17, 2009

Activision Blizzard may have the biggest selling game of all time at launch on its hands with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but the performance of two other key franchises is under scrutiny.

Tony Hawk: Ride, was released today , with a new skateboard accessory. It follows the October 27 launch of DJ Hero, an extension of the Guitar Hero franchise, using model turntables rather than instruments. Read more

Apologies for our second post of the day on social gaming, but the news just keeps on coming in this hot area for the industry.

In fact, the arrival of Twitter and Facebook on the Xbox today is not social gaming in the strictest sense, and the emergence from stealth mode of social game developer CrowdStar is unlikely to frighten Zynga (newly financed as we reported earlier), but both events are worthy of note. Read more

Zynga, the largest social gaming company, has raised an additional $15m in funding, in yet another sign that this nascent industry has quickly become big business in the Valley.

The San Francisco company, which operates games on Facebook, MySpace, and Apple devices, has attracted nearly 200m monthly users to its games. Read more

Maija Palmer reports in today’s Business Life section on the growth of mega data centres:

In the middle of a scrubby business park on the outskirts of Dublin, a hulking grey building has recently sprung up. It is protected by high, spiked railings and two sets of steel security barriers that are thick enough to stop a tank. Read more

Stephen Fry was crowned “King of Twitter” at this morning’s 140 Conference, a London seminar about the “state of now” organised by entrepreneur Jeff Pulver.

Mr Fry used a large part of his time on stage at the O2 to defend twittering celebrities such as himself and attack “deadwood” newspapers. For Mr Fry, who has over 1m followers on the messaging site, the former is the solution to the failings of the latter.

“I know how much contempt the world has for us as a breed,” he said of “that awful object, the celebrity twitterer”. “But it has driven Twitter.” Read more