Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

The photo and video sharing trend, coupled with the growing use of high-definition video and higher megapixel cameras, means big files and longer upload times for users.

One way to avoid time-consuming transfers is to allow others to view files securely on a local hard-drive at home.

Opera’s Unite, incorporated in its latest browser release last month, turns a home PC into a media server, providing one option.  Another is the latest version of San Francisco-based Cloud Engines’ Pogoplug, unveiled today. Read more

Like a lot of Windows Vista users, I couldn’t wait to upgrade to Windows 7 on my home PC. Finally, something from Microsoft that promised to make computing faster and easier. Since I was just moving from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium I didn’t even bother backing up my files.

That was nearly a very big mistake.

The upgrade ended up taking more than a week, with multiple phone calls to India and five hours on the phone with Microsoft engineers. And I now have several more hours of work ahead to reinstall all my applications and sort out my personal files. I don’t think I’ve lost any data, but fast and easy it wasn’t. Read more

Look out for a “fascinating..completely non-traditional …really cool…awesome” advertising strategy on Twitter early next year, as the microblogging service finally begins to monetise directly its tens of millions of users.

That sounds like sensational advertising, or self-promotion, in itself, from Dick Costolo, Twitter chief operating officer. He used all of those adjectives onstage on Friday in an interview at the Realtime Crunchup conference in San Francisco. Read more