Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, has moved from simplified blogging to a simplified payments side-project,  with the launch of the start-up, Square.

In typical Twitter style, Dorsey announced the company with a tweet rather than a press release today:

“Announcing our new company, called @Square, which I’m thrilled to be a part of: http://squareup.com,” he wrote, in 99 characters. Read more

Choosing the technology that best suits your life can be a full time job. And these days, it’s not just a matter of deciphering the bits and bytes or picking the coolest gadget: the best software and Web applications, or the availability of games and other digital content, are often key to determining the overall experience.

From Android to ZillionTV, there is so much to learn. Read more

What were the must-have gadgets of 2009? We thought we’d launch this personal tech section of the blog with our recommendations on the year’s best devices.

Over the next two weeks,  we’ll look at ten different categories, from eReaders to pico projectors, from the best audio experiences to cameras and camcorders.

Smartphones have made the biggest impact this year and, after the jump, are the thoughts of personal tech correspondent Paul Taylor on the best of them (Dollars and hearts represent value for money and desirability, out of five) . We’re also looking at the rise of Android and republishing our reviews of the latest smartphones – the Motorola Droid and Palm Pixi. Read more

Picking a smartphone based on its operating system might seem a strange thing to do. But this year’s emergence of Google’ Android and Palm’s WebOS as worthy rivals of the iPhone OS was a handy reminder of the increasing importance of software in determining user experience, and a direct challenge to the traditional powers of the smartphone business: Nokia, Microsoft and Research in Motion.

Of the new software platforms, Android remains the most intriguing. I was among the doubters before the first handset hit the streets. But almost to my own surprise I now find I’ve ditched my BlackBerry (something I never thought I’d do) and count myself an Android user (version 1.5 of the software, on an HTC handset). Read more