Daily Archives: December 8, 2009

It’s easy to get lost following all the turns in direction and developments in the satellite navigation field this year.

The sector has been rapidly commoditised by the inclusion of satnav in automotive dashboards and GPS-enabled mobile phones.

Google’s introduction of its free Navigation application for Android phones in October has also disrupted the sector – it makes TomTom’s $100 turn-by-turn app for the iPhone look decidedly expensive. Read more

The quote most commonly attributed to ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky is that he skated to where the puck was going to be next, not where it was at the time.

Google has clearly taken this message to heart, to judge from the advances it showed off on Monday in the areas of mobile and real-time search.

What made this all the more striking was the contrast with Microsoft, which last week tried to whip up attention for Bing with a rare event in Silicon Valley to boast its own search innovations. Microsoft’s interest  seemed very much focussed on where the puck already is – though it still has some fresh ideas that suggest it should be able to put up a better fight in this latest round of the Search Wars. Read more

Seagate, the world’s leading hard disk drive (HDD) maker, has finally introduced its first solid-state drive (SSD) in the shape of the 2.5-inch Pulsar unit.

Seagate is late to the game on SSDs – a potential threat to its traditional business – and its  first product will be aimed at the enterprise rather than consumer market. Read more

Boxee, the internet entertainment service, has unveiled its first hardware box at a New York event, and it’s not your usual container.

The Boxee Box is an irregular-sided object with minimum video connectivity. It will be made by D-Link, best known for its consumer network routers. Read more