Daily Archives: December 10, 2009

The clutter of game accessories around the living-room TV continues to grow. Apart from the usual Xbox, PS3 and Wii controllers, there are the Guitar Hero instruments, some Buzz quiz-game buzzers, the Wii balance board, Mario Kart racing wheel, Lips and Singstar karaoke microphones and a camera in our set-up.

But wait! We’re missing a few more. Activision Blizzard came out with two late in the year that showed great originality, although disappointing sales figures to date suggest the public is suffering console accessorisation fatigue and is not willing to pay out large sums for the latest gizmos. Read more

Social networking has always been more about making memories rather than friends for me.

Early social networks, such as Friends Reunited, brought back memories and photos of schooldays. Flickr then provided new ways of creating and preserving them in the present, with photos shared with family and friends. Read more

There was a touch of the absurd about the grand unveiling of Sir Richard Branson’s tourist spacecraft in the Mojave desert of California earlier this week, reports John Gapper in today’s FT.

We gathered after dusk in a freezing wind to watch the Virgin Space Ship Enterprise (yes, really) trundle several hundred metres along a runway and come to a halt. Read more