Daily Archives: December 16, 2009

Pandora, the personalised internet radio service for music, goes from forte to fortissimo, announcing on Wednesday it reached 40m registered users this month.

At a media dinner the previous evening attended by Tim Westergren, Pandora founder and hosted by Crosslink Capital, the VC which led a Series C round for Pandora, Peter Rip, general partner at Crosslink elaborated on its success.

Revenues in the latest quarter were up more than double on a year ago, he said, and Pandora is the prime candidate in Crosslink’s portfolio as VC firms look to bring their best companies to market in 2010. Read more

For a company of its size, Ebay has a surprisingly small footprint in the real world. While it enjoys a sprawling campus in Silicon Valley, it doesn’t have brick and mortar stores to staff, or the vast warehouses maintained by rival Amazon.

So in an effort to put a face on the company for the holidays, Ebay has sent a “mobile boutique” touring around the country. The first-time effort was on display in San Francisco today, and will be in Los Angeles later this week.

A souped-up trailer swarming with Ebay employees in leprechaun green shirts, the boutique has hundreds of the most sought-after products on display. Read more