Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Family-owned California internet filter maker CyberSitter filed a $2.2bn lawsuit Tuesday accusing China and major computer companies including Sony, Toshiba and Lenovo of stealing trade secrets and infringing on the group’s copyright by allegedly distributing its code with the Green Dam filter.

The claim that Chinese companies had taken thousands of lines of programming from CyberSitter had surfaced six months ago, when researchers found a major overlap. What will interest security professionals more is the company’s suggestion that the code or other proprietary data may have been hijacked by state-sponsored hackers. Read more

In his latest column, John Gapper, the FT’s chief business commentator, considers the growing battle between Apple and Google:

Apple and Google used to co-exist in harmony, with two directors on both boards. But the rivalry between the fourth- and fifth-most valuable US companies – both are nearing $200bn in market capitalisation – is sharpening as they skirmish at the new internet frontier. Read more

Touch is becoming a common feature on netbooks, with HP launching its first touch-enabled netbook  a day after Lenovo announced its own entry  at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The HP Mini 5102 has a capacitive touchscreen option , like the iPhone’s, but it may be a little used feature at first , with few applications able to take advantage of the display’s capabilities. Read more

After all the noise ahead of the launch, what should we make of the new Nexus One? (This was our live coverage of the event, with comments from readers). A few thoughts:

It’s not “the first Google Phone“. I know, you’ve read stories elsewhere saying it is, but trust us on this one: it really isn’t.

I quizzed Andy Rubin, head of Google’s Android team, on this: he insisted that Google had no more (or less) input on HTC’s Nexus One than it had on Motorola’s recent Droid. This handset does not break new ground – just because the Google brand name is bigger doesn’t make it a Google Phone. Read more