Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

It would be really nice to be able to believe in the success of the  Que proReader (and not just because the Financial Times is one of the publishers that has done a deal with Plastic Logic, the company that makes the device).

The history of the Que is one of those compelling technology stories that leaves you rooting for the people behind it, and the wide vision that it represents is infectious. Like all ambitious visions, though, this one relies on perfect execution.

Until the full reviews are in I’ll suspend final judgment, but my fear is that CEO Rich Archuleta’s claim that the Que marks the arrival of the “paperless briefcase” will end up being filed with all those similar promises of “paperless offices” we’ve heard over the years. Read more

Sky News – which famously became one of the first media organisations to appoint a “Twitter correspondent” last year – is now issuing all its web reporters with tools for scanning social media for stories.

Every journalist in the online newsroom has had Tweetdeck – which provides a more sophisticated interface for using Twitter, Facebook and other sites than do their own homepages – installed on their computerRead more

Sony quietly announced yesterday that its latest Cyber-shot digital cameras will be the first Sony point-and-shoot models to support SD and SDHC cards. The new cameras all offer hybrid storage-card slots that can handle both SD/SDHC and Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick format. Read more

Sony’s Dash, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show  on Wednesday, typifies the increasing number of hybrid products being made possible on small screens with internet connectivity.

Its mother is the digital photo frame (DPF) and its father could be a bedside alarm clock, but it has an elder brother in the Chumby , which seems to have had a big influence on the Dash. Read more

Just to upstage all the other 3D TV announcements on Wednesday , Sony gave us a demonstration of dual 3D at its CES press conference.

Sir Howard Stringer, Sony chief executive, introduced his record label’s hottest artist Taylor Swift  and we all donned 3D glasses to watch her perform in real-life 3D against a 3D back projection of the broadcast of her and the band performing the song. Read more