Daily Archives: January 13, 2010

Apple’s success in lifting its share of the PC market  (to about 9.4 per cent in the 2009 third quarter in the US according to IDC and to about 5 per cent in the UK) can be a double-edged sword for Mac users.

A larger Mac user base means a more dynamic Mac ecosystem, but it also makes Macs a more attractive target for malware creators and while the market for Windows-based anti-malware products is large and pretty competitive, there are still relatively few comprehensive security suites available for the Mac.

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“Whatever happens, they’re not getting out of China.”

That was the immediate reaction of one prominent Google rival to Tuesday’s announcement that the search company will stop censoring local search results in China, even if that means leaving the country.

Or is that actually what Google announced?

On closer reading, Google’s statement – made in a blog posting – may not be quite as clear-cut as it seems. Read more

Bill Watkins, the former Seagate Technology chief executive, has chosen the lighting industry for his return to the CEO’s role.

Mr Watkins will lead Silicon Valley startup Bridgelux, which is driving down the cost and increasing the luminescence of LEDs with its technology.

“It’s the best thing I’ve come across in decades, this is how we felt about storage back in 1980, this is a $100bn market for general lighting,” he told me. Read more

Amobee mediaConsolidation in the mobile advertising market continues at breakneck pace. After Google’s proposed $750m acquisition of AdMob and Apple’s $275m bid for Quattro, Amobee is now buying RingRing Media of the UK for an unspecified – but probably much smaller –  amount.

California-based Amobee said the deal would result in a combined company bigger than Quattro in terms of revenues and number of ads served each month. Analysts at IDC estimate Quattro has around $21m in mobile ad revenues, giving it around 7 per cent of the market. Both would still be dwarfed by the combined Google/Admob, which would have nearly a quarter of the market with revenues of $68m. Read more