Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

Montreal-based Tungle.me claims that professionals spend more time arranging meetings than attending them, and that 60 per cent of meetings that do take place involve one or more participants from outside an organisation.
I have been a fan of Tungle.me’s scheduling app that integrates with users’ existing calendars since the Canadian-based startup first launched the email plug-in at the Demo Fall conference in 2007. Read more

Jagex, developer and publisher of the popular Runescape  online role-playing game, has taken on the new quest of promoting a game from a third-party developer.

War of Legends  is a free-to-play online multiplayer strategy game developed by a Chinese team of developers based in Shanghai. Read more

Atlas VentureThe London technology community was dealt a blow on Tuesday when it emerged that Atlas Venture was planning to move its European operations to Boston. All new European investments will be co-ordinated from there, and Fred Destin, the London-based partner who has backed companies like Seatwave and Dailymotion, will be moving across the Atlantic this summer.

Other London-based partners, Christopher Spray, Graham O’Keefe and Regina Hodits will remain in London but only to service existing investments. They will not be involved in bringing new companies in to the portfolio. Which means that, as exits eventually arrive for the likes of Seatwave, these portfolio managers will have less of a role, and Atlas is likely to be slimming down further. Read more

Yahoo may have hoped that Google had turned itself into the target of the Chinese government, allowing other US companies to thrive unhindered, but it does not look like it.

By expressing its support for Google’s stand against Chinese censorship, and cyber-attacks, Yahoo has now been drawn into a dispute with Alibaba, the Chinese company to which it in effect outsourced its business there in 2005. Read more