Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

Apple’s new iPad gives the company new opportunities to compete against devices from e-readers and netbooks to digital picture frames.

Trying the device out after its unveiling on Wednesday, I was impressed by the elegance and ease of use of the software – Apple’s trademark – and the performance of its hardware. Read more

To the critics, fanboys and sceptics who have been waiting for Apple iPad for months, today’s first impressions ranged from elation to exasperation.

Writing at Slate.com, Farhad Manjoo said the iPad is the second computer he’s been looking for. “I wanted a flat, portable, easy-to-use machine that I could use for e-mail and reading the Web,” he writes. “The iPad is that device. Jobs described it as the perfect hybrid of a laptop and a phone, and I agree. Everything about it—its size, shape, weight, and fantastically intuitive user interface—feels just right.” Read more

Steve Jobs unveiled the long awaited  Apple iPad in San Francisco on Wednesday in another showbiz-style event.

Mr Jobs and other Apple executives revealed the iPad will be available in two months starting at $500. It will have eReader functionality and an iBooks store.

A games console, artist’s palette and portable media player are among its other functions. See our slideshow of photos taken from our view from the audience after the jump. Read more

It was only last month that Yelp was almost Googled. The local reviews site came a breath away from inking a $500m deal to sell itself to Google, but for reasons still unknown, the deal ultimately fell apart.

The company, it seems, is not looking back. Today Yelp announced an investment of up to $100m from Elevation Partners, the private equity firm that counts U2 frontman Bono among its directors. Read more