Tungle.me gets Lotus Notes integration

Montreal-based Tungle.me claims that professionals spend more time arranging meetings than attending them, and that 60 per cent of meetings that do take place involve one or more participants from outside an organisation.
I have been a fan of Tungle.me’s scheduling app that integrates with users’ existing calendars since the Canadian-based startup first launched the email plug-in at the Demo Fall conference in 2007.

Existing e-calendars typically only work within the confines of a single company, whereas Tungle.me was designed to make it easier to set up meetings between two or more people at a mutually convenient time wherever they worked.
Unfortunately however, Tungle.me’s practical value in the corporate world has always been somewhat limited because it lacked support for IBM’s Lotus Notes – until now.
The company announced today that Tungle.me now officially supports all leading calendars used by business professionals including Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac, and Lotus Notes which is apparently still used by 300m plus users.
The integration means that Notes users can now sync their Lotus Notes calendars and contacts with Tungle.me’s servers thereby avoiding double-bookings and their calendars will be automatically updated when a meeting is booked through Tungle.me. Tungle.me is inviting Notes users eager to try the service out to sign up for a limited beta trial.