Daily Archives: February 5, 2010

Personal Tech in the FT’s Business Life section this week takes a look at anti-virus software:

Add one certainty to death and taxes. If you connect a PC to the internet, sooner rather than later it will become the target of a virus or other internet malware. In defence, most PC users install anti-virus software and a firewall or a combination of the two in the form of an integrated – or comprehensive – internet security suite. Read more

Those who use the mobile web use it a lot. In urban centres it’s not uncommon to see dozens of people walking down the street peering into a smartphone screen.

Sometimes they are surfing the web or checking email, but oftentimes they are looking to do something — make a reservation at a restaurant, find a show or movie to go to, or make travel arrangements. But navigating the full web on a tiny screen can be cumbersome (especially when you’re walking or driving or on the train).

Siri, a startup that just launched its “virtual personal assistant” today, has identified this pain point and come up with an elegant solution. Read more