Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

Demand Media has devised one of the most controversial – and apparently effective – new media business models around: acquire massive amounts of online content and distinctive URLs on the cheap, then use that to suck large volumes of traffic off the search engines.

It’s an idea that has earned grudging recognition in the established media, like these pieces this month in The New York Times and Vanity Fair (this was my own take on Demand in its early days).

So I’m very glad to say that Steven Kydd, Demand’s head of content, is a last-minute addition to speak at our Digital Media and Broadcasting Conference in London in two weeks’ time. Putting new media figures like Kydd alongside the heads of established powers like WPP, The New York Times and the BBC should produce a pleasingly combustible mix. Read more

Finally, after all the vague feel-good comments, a real fact about Android phone sales to sink your teeth into. Speaking at the big mobile industry bash in Barcelona today, Eric Schmidt said handset makers were currently shipping 60,000 units a day with the Google software platform installed.

If that figure is sustainable, it adds up to nearly 22m a year. Compare that to Microsoft, which said that “more than 20m” Windows Mobile phones were shipped in 2008. Read more