Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

The Demo Spring 2010 conference kicked off in Palm Desert, California on Monday with a raft of applications, services and products focused on the mobile, social networking and media technology markets.

One immediate observation is that mobile apps, particularly iPhone apps, are everywhere – Gartner estimates that the mobile apps market will be worth between $20bn and $30bn by 2013. Read more

What is it about used textbooks and top internet executives?

Thumbing through the dog-eared press releases of Chegg.com over the past few weeks, we see Dan Rosensweig, ex-Yahoo chief operating officer and Guitar Hero chief, arriving as president and CEO, Barry McCarthy, chief financial officer of Netflix, joining the company’s board and today, Gregory Stanger, ex-Expedia CFO, joining as chief financial officer. Read more

A family argument over whether that was John Barryman on Desperate Housewives last night was resolved with a quick search on the turned-on laptop by our side (I won!).

Unlike John Barryman’s appearance, this is not a rare occurrence apparently – web-surfing is not replacing TV-watching but supplementing and even boosting it, according to research from The Nielsen Company. Read more