Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive, has unveiled advertising and game networks for the iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. They will be launched later this year with the 4.0 version of the operating system for the devices.

Speaking at a media event today at Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters,  Mr Jobs said 450,000 iPads had been sold since the Saturday launch, there had been 3.5m downloads of iPad apps so far and 600,000 downloads from the iBooks store.

Full details as the new services and features were announced at the event are after the jump. Read more

There are new beginnings for both Tiger Woods and Electronic Arts this week as he tees off at the Masters today and EA tries a radical reworking of its strategy for PC sports games.

The free-to-play Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online just launched represents the first EA PC sports title to be moved online. The rest may follow in short order as EA abandons physical media, says Peter Moore, EA Sports president. His thoughts on piracy, virtual goods and the trials of Tiger after the jump: Read more

Who would buy a struggling video website, bogged down by lawsuits, when YouTube, Hulu and the BBC iPlayer seem to have the market sewn up?

Qlipso would, apparently, for the Israeli site has bought Veoh‘s assets after the latter filed for bankruptcy in February. One person with knowledge of the deal put the price at less than $20m – well south of the $70m investors including Goldman Sachs, Spark Capital and Intel Capital had pumped into Veoh. Read more