Daily Archives: April 9, 2010

We look at compact DSLR cameras in the weekly Personal Technology section of the FT’s Business Life:

“The Micro Four Thirds system eliminates the bulky optical pentaprism and mirror that flips out of the way of the sensor when the shutter is pressed on a standard SLR camera, enabling the cameras to be much smaller and yet retain the advanced controls and interchangeable lenses that help define a DSLR.”

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Further to my column on the iPad, I’ve also been able  to make a comparison between Apple’s device and Amazon’s Kindle. The brief answer is: for periodicals such as digital papers and magazines, the iPod is better; for books, the Kindle still wins.

I’ve written before about the experience of reading papers such as the FT and the Wall Street Journal on a Kindle and have come across devoted readers – mainly senior executives in global companies – who are attached to reading the FT on their Kindles. Read more

John Gapper in his weekly FT column writes that the iPad is both an alluring and scary proposition for publishers:

“A lot of commentary centres on the issue of whether the iPad can “save publishers”. Since that is a rhetorical question requiring the answer “no”, I will instead address another one – whether it is good for publishers. Having played with my iPad for a while, I think the answer to that one is “yes and no”.”

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Question: If a powerful new rival barged into your core market, why would you admit publicly that it is offering something “new and different”?

Answer: Because the intended audience for your comment is in Washington DC.

Apple’s announcement of its iAd mobile advertising network (see also the blog post below) could, paradoxically, have come at just the right moment for Google and AdMob. With anti-trust regulators laying the groundwork for a potential challenge to their merger, it really helps to have a nasty new competitor on the scene. Read more