Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

Updates with Gawker Media confirming payment

Apple said on Monday that new customers ordering the 3G version of its iPad tablet computers will have to wait for delivery until after they ship on May 7, though those who have already paid should still get theirs this month.

The minor delay points to continued supply constraints that analysts called attention to in the run-up to the launch of the less-expensive WiFi-only versions two weeks ago. Shipments were held up briefly on those models as well.

Apple generally prefers to explain such lags as the result of overwhelming, completely unexpected demand. That’s what it cited last week, when it delayed the overseas debut of the iPad until May 10. More than 500,000 of the earliest iPads have been sold so far, topping most predictions. Read more

The latest Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section looks at the new version of the Flip camcorder:

“The success of the Flip style of camcorder has encouraged rivals such as Kodak, Samsung and Sanyo to launch similar devices, but the Slide­HD is the first low-cost camcorder to feature such a large HD widescreen.”

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