Daily Archives: April 22, 2010

Facebook’s new Like button and its other social plugins launched on Wednesday have been getting a thumbs up from developers, marketers, analysts and users.

Just like the Like button, implementation of the new features on websites is simplicity itself. But their implications are deep and far reaching. Read more

An escalating battle over Apple’s hostility to Adobe’s Flash programs for displaying video on internet sites prompted Adobe on Wednesday to abandon one of its main efforts to get Flash-based content onto the iPhone.

The iPhone, iPod and iPad generally won’t display Flash applications, and Apple has been telling websites to re-encode their Flash content with emerging standards including HTML5.

As a workaround for application developers, Adobe has been offering tools that let them design apps in Flash and convert them to an Apple-accepted format. But Apple has seized on its momentum in the mobile market, issuing new rules for app makers that forbid such on-the-fly activity. Read more