Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

Never mind that his campaign website is a virtual knock-off of Facebook.com.

Chris Kelly, Facebook’s former chief privacy officer who is now running for California Attorney General, is not taking it easy on his former employer.

Candidate Kelly today used strong language to distance himself from Facebook’s recent changes and said that if elected he would hold the company accountable if it violated state laws.

“Facebook’s recent changes to its privacy policy and practices with regard to data sharing occurred after I left the company,” Mr Kelly said in a statement. Read more

You couldn’t quite call Carol Bartz’s first European press conference a charm offensive.

“Why do you think I’m here?” Yahoo’s chief executive asked, half-joking, when pressed about whether anyone could have done a better job of leading Yahoo in the 16 months since she joined. “I’ve got plenty of money and was very happy. I don’t need everybody to think I’m an asshole. You think it’s so much fun answering your questions? If I didn’t think there was a good bottle of white wine at the end of it, I probably wouldn’t do it.” Read more

The US International Trade Commission on Monday decided to investigate patent infringement claims made by Taiwan’s Elan Microelectronics against Apple.

The ITC “has voted to institute an investigation of certain electronic devices with multi-touch enabled touchpads and touchscreens. The products at issue in this investigation are electronic devices such as mobile telephones and computers that have multi-touch user interfaces,” it said on its websiteRead more