Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

Want to find the best beret shop in Paris, or the finest crepes in Avignon? Now you can turn to Yelp for those answers. The popular user reviewed local directory just launched in France with its first non-English site.

The new site continues Yelp’s gradual international colonisation. The San Francisco company’s first cross border foray came more than a year and a half ago, when it launched in Canada. Early last year, Yelp came to the UK, and then opened shop in Ireland.

But the pace of new offerings looks set to pick up. “We will continue to roll out in Western Europe in the months ahead,” said Yelp chief operating officer Geoff Donaker. Read more

Real Network’s GameHouse online gaming division is playing its social cards en route to being spun off by its parent by the end of this year.

GameHouse has announced a Facebook-based social gaming service at this week’s Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and plans to release other social gaming applications in the coming months. Read more

UPDATED - with Roku Netflix announcement.

Netflix has made its official movie debut on a media player device with the launch of Seagate’s GoFlex TV HD media player on Tuesday.

The player is part of a complete refresh of Seagate’s FreeAgent Go line of products, which Paul Taylor will look at in depth in his Friday personal technology column. Read more

Intel has begun its big push into mobile phones and tablet devices by unveiling the details of an Atom processor platform that uses 50 times less power in idle mode than its current-generation chips.

Excessive power usage has been the chipmaker’s Achilles’ heel in trying to break into smartphones. It needed to reduce consumption to make Atom competitive with Arm-based chips in handheld devices, but the paucity of partner products announced to date suggests it still faces a long haul to make a dent in these new markets. Read more

HTC scored a hit with the Android-powered myTouch 3G when it was launched by T-Mobile USA in July last year. Now the Taiwanese smartphone maker has followed up with the myTouch 3G Slide which features a slide-out mini-Qwerty keyboard and the curiously named ‘Genius Button’ on the front of the handset.

Pressing the Genius Button enables users to use voice commands to control the phone and its features including making calls, composing and sending texts and e-mails or searching for a nearby restaurant. It will also read text messages aloud, and lets users  dictate and send responses. Read more