Daily Archives: May 21, 2010

Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz will announce a partnership Monday with Nokia that will put Yahoo search, email and other functions in the hands of at least some customers of the world’s biggest–for now–smartphone maker.

That was the bare-bones report filed today by All Things Digital, and FT colleague Andrew Ward and I have confirmed it, without getting much more in the way of details. Read more

Before the main event of Google TV taking on all-comers at the Google I/O developer conference on Thursday, there was an undercard bout of surprising ferocity between Android and Apple devices.

It was an amazing one-sided spectacle, with Android phones throwing frozen yoghurt in the faces of the iPhone and iPad. Blows of scorn and sarcasm rained down on a defenceless Apple from Vic Gundotra, vice president of developer platforms. It seemed all the more shocking considering the two Silicon Valley companies shared so much in common not so long ago that Eric Schmidt , Google chief executive, was a valued member of the Apple board. Read more