Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

In this Friday’s Personal Tech column in the FT’s Business Life, we look at the best headphones and in-ear devices to attach to your MP3 players and cellphones:

“I may not have the ears of a true audiophile, but I do know that a good set of headphones or in-ear monitors (high-quality earbuds) can make all the difference. That is particularly true if you listen to high-quality “lossless” digital music files that preserve the full sound quality of the original recording.”

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You won’t find it on YouTube (a message explains that “licensing and permissions issues” prevent Google’s video site from showing the full event ) but Thursday’s unveiling of Google TV featured a demonstration by Bryan Perez, general manager of NBA Digital, writes FT Media Editor Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson.

A third-party content developer in a tech-heavy line-up at the Google I/O developer conference , Perez showed how fans could use the basketball association’s NBA.com application on their internet-enabled televisions to see video highlights, check scores and fantasy leagues, browse schedules or save games to their DVRs. Read more