Daily Archives: May 25, 2010

Two weeks before soccer’s World Cup kicks off a 3D content extravaganza, the TV players have been updating their industry on how they are eyeing the prize of winning consumers over to the new technology.

Sony and Panasonic were in ebullient mood at the Society for Information Display’s conference (SID 2010) here in Seattle on Monday, while analysts from the co-organisers DisplaySearch acted as referees, suggesting they calm it down a bit. Read more

The time is near for putting to the test Rupert Murdoch’s rhetoric about the value of digital journalism and the evils of Google.

The Times and the Sunday Times will unveil their new (separate) websites to the public “imminently” – perhaps as soon as Tuesday. Within four weeks, the paywall barriers will be raised. All but the homepage will be invisible to those refusing to pay £1 a day – and that includes Google’s spiders. Read more