Daily Archives: May 28, 2010

This is a guest post by the FT’s media editor, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Fleet Street has hyped the iPad’s international launch as loudly as any smitten blogger, but if Britain’s newspaper owners believe that Apple’s tablet promises them salvation they were not rushing to demonstrate it on Friday.

The Guardian already had a photojournalism application ready before the  international launch, but the only UK paper to unveil a new iPad app was The Times, which only days ago unveiled a new websiteRead more

Comparing the blockbuster Wired magazine application for the Apple iPad to other magazines on the device is faintly silly given its far greater size and ambition. You can get an idea of it from the promotional video below.

The Wired app is the closest thing the iPad yet has to a vision of how magazines could be transformed, and it has the bulk to prove it. It contains nearly half a gigabyte of data, including two clips from the new Toy Story film, and took me 10 minutes down download it over a WiFi connection.

But, as the the iPad goes on sale in nine countries outside the US – including the UK, France, Germany and Japan – the Wired app puts its competitors to shame, including GQ and Vanity Fair, two other Conde Nast titles that are more confused and less interesting. Read more

The first fourth-generation cellphone in the US – the HTC Evo on Sprint’s WiMax network – is a fast, video-rich smartphone that can turn itself into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Read our Personal Technology review from the Business Life section of Friday’s FT:

“Even without its 4G mobile broadband capabilities, HTC’s Android-powered EVO 4G smartphone is an impressive touchscreen-based handset because it combines many of the best features found in other devices to produce what could start a whole new category, which might possibly be called ‘superphones’.”

 Read more

Who needs another shiny rectangle in their lives?

Plenty of people, if the queues outside Apple stores worldwide was anything to go by.

I was at Apple‘s London flagship shop on Regent Street this morning to ask people why they’d waited for hours to splash upwards of £429 on an iPad: Read more