Daily Archives: June 14, 2010

Nokia has been showing off its latest response to the iPhone, the N8, in London today.

It’s the first device running the new Symbian ^3 operating system, and although it isn’t out until the third quarter of this year, Nokia is clearly hoping that a preview of a few prototypes will make people think twice before locking themselves into a two-year contract with the iPhone 4.

On first impressions, the N8 is a sturdier competitor than its predecessor, the N97Read more

A little while ago I thought that Apple had slipped up with the iPad. Based on what I’d read, it looked too big, too heavy, not a laptop replacement, not a Kindle replacement, neither one thing nor the other. Even so, knowing myself quite well, I guessed I’d soon be an owner of the fatally flawed device.

So it proved. A couple of weeks ago I surrendered to gadget lust. A meaningful relationship has since developed. Read more