Daily Archives: June 17, 2010

The contest among established Wall Street analysts to see who can make the most dramatic bull case for investing in Apple appears to be gathering steam. The newest entry came late yesterday from Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley,  who brings the advantage of having been right fairly often in the past.

Still, her forecast is an eye-popper: Apple had 30m iPhone subscribers at the end of last year, and she said it should have better than triple that number–exceeding the nice, round figure of 100m–by the end of 2011. Read more

Nintendo’s 3D handheld console is the undoubted star of the E3 video game show here in Los Angeles this week, judging by the long lines of gamers at the Nintendo booth waiting to try one out.

While Apple has emerged as a new challenger, with the iPhone and iPod touch, to handheld consoles, the unique features of the 3DS look like giving Nintendo a significant and long-lasting advantage in mobile gaming. Read more

In this week’s Digital Business supplement in the FT, the Valley View column looks at how the features of the latest displays are leaping out of the screen at us.

From 3D, to added yellow sub-pixels and wedge optics that project separate images from a display to different viewers,  the future will be seen through new prisms and paradigms. Read more

Couldn’t resist a snap of this sleep pod spotted on the Googleplex in Mountain View yesterday:

 Read more