Daily Archives: June 18, 2010

AOL’s fire-sale of social networking site Bebo marks another ignominious end to an overpriced deal for the company saddled with dishonour of having engineered “the worst deal of the century,” its dot-com era merger with Time Warner. But the FT’s Lex column writes that “it is at least becoming clear what AOL thinks its purpose in life ought to be.”

It is now all about content for AOL, with its mix of hyperlocal news and more focused blogs such as TMZ and engadget. “Actually making the reorganisation work will be a mean feat,” writes Lex, “but falling technology and media costs as AOL taps a network of more than 30,000 freelancers will help.” Read more

Microsoft and Sony made major claims for their Kinect and Move motion controllers at the E3 video game trade show this week, but can either hope to emulate the success of Nintendo’s Wii?

This week’s Personal Technology column in the Business Life section of the FT looks at the capabilities of the new entrants. Read more

We’re honoured to have been named Best News or Politics Blog in this year’s Editor and Publisher awards.

It was one of three for the FT – the others were for Best Business Website with more than 1m monthly visitors and Best Business Blog, won by FT Alphaville. The Las Vegas Sun and NPR.com were among the other multiple award winners, with four each. Read more