The next iPhone – live coverage from WWDC

Steve Jobs has unveiled the iPhone 4 at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

The phone features a new design, improved screen and a camera that allows HD video recording and live video calling with an app called Facetime. Pricing is the same as for the existing iPhone 3GS and the handset goes on sale in five countries on June 24.

Read our early review and look back at our live blog from the event after the jump (all times are Pacific, GMT -7, click on images to enlarge).

11.50am We’re seeing a promo video for the new iPhone featuring Apple execs and then that should be a wrap. Steve’s back on now… Apple’s not just a tech company, he says, it’s the humanity, the liberal arts (??), not just a great camera system, but the software that gives you the complete solution. I’m so proud of the teams. See one for yourself now. I hope you love our new baby!….and that’s it.

11.41am Pricing is same as 3GS – $199 or $299 with 16Gb or 32Gb., black or white models. 8Gb 3GS for $99, Goes on sale June 24 – in US, France, Germany, UK, Japan. Upgrades for 4.0 software for free on June 21 for existing iPhones and iPod touches.

11.31am One more thing…. video calling – he calls Jon Ive, chief designer, quality is a little jerky but shaky wi-fi, sound is great. Facetime video calling program to go with it, wi-fi only this year.

11.22am Eighth and final feature, Mr Jobs wants to tell developers about is iAds – served within apps, just tell us where to put them and make money. We started selling ads about 8 weeks ago, some of the brands – Nissan, Citi, Unilever, Chanel, GE , AT&T, State Farm, Geico, Liberty Global, Sears, Target, Best Buy, Disney. We’re shown an impressive interactive Nissan Leaf ad. Shake the phone, change the colour of the car, enter a contest to win one. We’ve sold $60m in ads in the past 8 weeks for the second half of this year.

11.17am iBooks across all devices will mean everything synced and only one charge for a book.

11.15am Golden Master Candidate of 4.0 – final release – being put in developers’ hands today. This month Apple will hit 100m iPhones, touch and iPads sold – a market like nowhere else for your apps, he says. iBookstore coming to the iPhone this month as well.

11.11am The Apple CEO is showing the 4.0 software’s smarts – unified email, threaded conversations, folders for apps.

11.09am Jobs manages to get access to a web page. Cheers.

11.04am Jobs says there are 570 wi-fi base stations operating, (MiFis etc) in the room,  Jobs turns up the lights and asks all bloggers to turn off their wi-fi base stations if we want to see any more demos. Now we’re being told to turn off our laptops – I’m tethered to 3G so I’m clean Steve.

11.03am Amazing edited movie shown from it, wish my holiday videos looked like that. It’s a $4.99 app by the way.

10.57am Here’s the kicker – HD video, 720p recording and iMovie for iPhone – a program for it, editing in themes and transitions and share.

10.54am Now onto the camera , now 5 megapixel instead of 3Mp, plus a backside illuminated sensor which improves picture quality, 5x digital zoom and LED flash.

10.48am New A4 chip being used improves battery life for e.g. 10 hours of video, 10 hours of wi-fi browsing (802.11n this time),  gyroscope is added to phone – three-axis for pitch, roll, yaw, rotation about gravity, six-axis motion sensing – perfect for gaming. Demo of Jobs stacking blocks – very impressive rotations.

10.46am Moving hastily on, Jobs says this is going to set the standard for displays for several years.

10.41am Steve Jobs complains about the Wi-Fi – he’s come to a halt…so even he has problems!!   Got any suggestions, he asks the crowd – Verizon! comes the answer. Jobs abandons demo.

10.36am All new design then, 2nd thing is the retina display – increases pixel density by 4x, 326 per inch, never done before a phone, sharpens text, 300 is limit of human retina – no more jaggies.

10.33am “The thinnest phone on the planet, front-facing camera, LED flash. Stainless steel band with three slits that make it part of antenna system.

10.30am Today we’re introducing iPhone 4, 100-plus new features (he will focus on eight), “some of you have already seen this….you haven’t really seen it…one of the most beautiful products we’ve ever made, like a beautiful old Leica camera.”

10.29am Google digs start – iPhone has three times the share of Android, he says.

10.27am Steve back – 5bn apps downloaded , a few days ago we passed $1bn paid to developers – appreciative applause.

10.23am Activision and Guitar Hero developers  are now showing their new iPhone app.

10.19am Mark Pincus CEO of Zynga is on stage next to introduce Farmville for the iPhone

10.11am App Store – three top reasons we don’t approve an app – it doesn’t do what it says it does, it uses private APIs or it crashes, but 95 per cent approved within seven days. Netflix CEO comes on stage to introduce Netflix on the iPhone.

10.08am Update on iBookstore. More than 5m books downloaded so far. Enhancements – you can highlight and make notes on pages. Tab and bookmark pages. Ability to read pdfs added.

10am Steve’s on stage to a standing ovation and he starts with updates – 2m iPads sold, one every 3seconds in first 59 days, video shown on reaction to its international launch.

9.56am Turn off all cell phones announcement – fat chance.

9.30am The shutters go up and the media goes charging down the aisles to secure a good vantage spot, only to be funnelled to the left side of the stage, with a poor view of the action. The centre is reserved for cheerleading VIPs. The music selection seems to be the collected works of Louis Armstrong. Internet connectivity is pretty ropey I’m afraid from both WWDC Wi-Fi and the Sprint 3G network I’m using.

9.10am There’s a queue round the block of developers waiting to get into WWDC and then a scrum of media and analysts  inside waiting for access to the keynote hall.

8.25am We’re just walking over to the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco for the Apple event. For some food for thought in the meantime on the phone battle between Apple and Google, read Richard Waters and Joe Menn’s analysis piece in today’s FT.