Daily Archives: July 1, 2010

(Adds that one Steve Jobs email was faked and that Apple has pledged a software “fix.”)

Apple may see no serious issues with the iPhone 4′s reception, but several plaintiffs’ lawyers have stepped forward to disagree.

Notwithstanding a number of emails from Apple chief executive Steve Jobs urging disgruntled buyers to keep calm and stay tuned–implying a software amelioration is in the works–customer lawsuits seeking class-action status have begun to hit the courts. Read more

Amazon’s new Kindle DX, available on July 7, is the first eReader to feature E Ink‘s Pearl technology, enabling a contrast ratio 50 per cent better than the previous DX.

The improvement is a necessary upgrade in order for E Ink to produce its first colour screens by the end of the year. Read more

The Research@Intel Day features fascinating concepts that may never evolve into full-blown products. But this year’s event, held at the Computer History Museum on Wednesday, had one great idea for the home that is already in limited production.

In a demonstration of Simple Energy Sensing, the “rock star” researchers of the world’s biggest chipmaker showed off a plug-like device that can be inserted into any socket in the home to provide comprehensive information on how every electrical device on the power grid is operating. Read more