Daily Archives: July 8, 2010

Google’s horrendous breach of privacy with its StreetView data-collection gaffe may at least have one beneficial consequence: making WiFi users think more about security.

Consumer Watchdog, which has emerged as one of the main anti-Google agitators, decided to follow in the tracks of the StreetView cars – literally. It sent out its own vehicle to “sniff” the WiFi networks of certain members of the US Congress whose homes have been photographed by the Google service. Read more

From beyondbrics

This Saturday, Apple will open its second set of doors to 1.3bn potential Chinese iGeeks – this time in Shanghai. The store, which sits right next to the gleaming Shanghai Financial Centre in Puding, bears a strikingly resemblance to the company’s flagship outlet on New York’s 5th Avenue.

Yesterday the Oriental Morning Post reported that Apple will aim to match Louis Vuitton’s China presence – suggesting another 23 stores in the pipeline by 2012. China Tech News says that the second Shanghai store – in the Hong Kong plaza – will open over the summer too. Apple’s first Chinese store opened two years ago in Beijing (pictured) just in time for the 2008 Olympics. Read more

With Western Digital and Seagate Technology fighting a neck-and-neck battle to be the world’s leading hard-drive maker, Hitachi is appearing as a dark horse in third with a new range of external drive products.

Its LifeStudio series, available in stores from Friday, is its first foray into more consumer-friendly products and includes some unusual hardware and software features. Read more

Are the seeds already being sown for the next technology down cycle?  Prospects of a downturn seem remote, given how strong demand for consumer electronics, PCs, and smartphones remain, and how major tech manufacturers are looking forward to a second wave of demand from long-suppressed corporate IT spending.

A new report by Standard and Poors, however, warns that profitability of Taiwanese technology companies may weaken after this year given their aggressive capacity expansion plans.  Read more

Sony and Spain have their eyes on the prize of world domination in 3D and soccer respectively, with the former treating media to a viewing of the latter’s World Cup semi-final victory on Wednesday on two 60-inch Sony Bravia 3D TVs.

But executives still faced questions about whether competitors were more on the ball, with Sony tackling them later and pricing 3D higher. Read more