Daily Archives: July 14, 2010

Evernote, a service that offers users an elephant-never-forgets virtual brain, has announced a Trunk extension.

The Evernote Trunk is part app store, part showcase for the service’s integration with other applications and media, from imported magazine content to partner apps that scan in business cards and receipts to its memory. Read more

Innovation WarehouseIt’s a tough time to be a tech entrepreneur. IPOs are stalling, the banks aren’t lending and venture capital funds are running dry. But if you want some desk space and meeting rooms and a bit of camaraderie for a fledgling business, London’s start-ups are starting to be spoilt for choice. Read more

Everyone makes mistakes but some mistakes are bigger than others and some are emblematic. On the latter scale, Apple’s problem with the iPhone 4 counts as a big error.

The iPhone 4 flaw, according to Consumer Reports and others, is that phone reception is degraded or lost when a user’s hand covers the bottom left of the antenna that encircles the device.

It is, in other words, a problem of industrial design for which Apple has a justly high reputation. Read more

Clicker, the internet TV guide, has come up with some interesting analysis on how much and for how long shows from the major US networks are available online.

In the 2009-10 season, which began in September and ended in May, 4,420 broadcast episodes were put online, but more than 90 per cent of them (3,980) were later removed. Read more