Daily Archives: July 20, 2010

Microsoft has announced a mixed bag of pricing for its Kinect motion controller and a new version of its Xbox 360.

The low $200 price for a 4-gigabyte version of the Xbox 360 S coming in August may give Microsoft an advantage over Sony and Nintendo in new console sales, but existing Xbox owners may baulk at paying an extra $150 for a Kinect sensor, available from November 4. Read more

Cloud Engines has launched a small-business version of its Pogoplug device that makes remote access to files simpler.

In looks, the Pogoplug Biz is the same as the consumer version but lurid pink has been abandoned for a more sober black-and-white colour scheme. Read more

After the distractions of Antennagate it was back to business as usual as Apple reported its latest earnings on Tuesday.

iPhone sales in the company’s latest quarter jumped to 8.4m, belying concerns that inventory changes surrounding the switch to the latest model would hit sales. Profit margins also held up better than expected, pushing earnings well ahead of forecasts.

Those were the headlines as Apple released earnings for the period to the end of June, its third fiscal quarter. The numbers:

  • Revenue rose 61 per cent to $15.7bn, ahead of Wall Street forecasts of $14.74bn.
  • Earnings climbed to $3.51, above the consensus estimate of $3.10.

Our live blogging of Apple’s conference call to discuss the state of its business is after the jump. Read more