Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

When news broke earlier this week that Twitter was going to launch its own “tweet button”, many were quick to predict the death of TweetMeme, which already provides similar badges to many websites.

But while the British start-up has ceded its own retweet button (750m served every day, until now), it has if anything emerged stronger, with a rare deal, to reach into the heart of the realtime Twitter “firehose” – and build a new set of services on top of the micro-communications service.

If TweetMeme’s positive spin on losing its most visible piece of marketing is right, and it’s got low-cost, preferential access to Twitter’s data, it sets a benchmark that TweetDeck, Twitpic, Bit.ly, TweetUp and many other third-party developers might hope to emulate, as Twitter sucks up features and applications previously provided by its ecosystem. Read more

Compromise does not sit well with idealistic principles. So really, Google has little cause to feel mistreated over the very negative reaction to its net neutrality pact with Verizon (from public interest groups, and from competitors) and its latest blog post today sounds highly defensive.

It’s just naive to assume that an agreement like this between two giant companies will not be seen as an attempt to carve up a market. After all, companies are meant to negotiate in their own self-interest. So if the two leaders in their respective markets can reach a mutually agreed compromise, it stands to reason that the position they arrive at will advocate regulation where it is least likely to affect them directly – and greater freedoms where they most want them. Read more

In Silicon Valley, success breeds imitation. Witness the glut of doomed e-commerce sites during the Dot Com bubble or, more recently, the plethora of mafia-themed social games on Facebook.

The latest hot trend is group buying. By offering daily deals for restaurants and local businesses, a handful of companies have become profitable middlemen between deal-hungry consumers and businesses looking for new patrons.

Groupon has the early lead, with operations in 80 markets and $135m in fresh funding. It also has plenty of clones — from LivingSocial Deals to Woot to BuyWithMe. Now add another one to the list — Zagat. Read more

Big companies’ Facebook pages are getting more sophisticated all the time.

At first they were simple placeholders to remind Facebook users that a brand was hip to social networking. Then, as social media caught on, they became interactive collaborations between companies and consumers. Soon, the first fully functional storefronts appeared, allowing users to buy flowers and shoes with real, not virtual currency.

Now Delta has upped the ante. Starting today, you can buy airplane tickets on Facebook. Read more