Daily Archives: August 15, 2010

While the public has become alarmed at the levels of surveillance from technology such as Google’s Street View and security cameras, individuals can take comfort from the latest remote webcams designed for personal protection.

In the Personal Technology column in the FT’s Business Life section, we look at the new Logitech Alert range of  indoor and outdoor video security cameras aimed at safeguarding homes and monitoring the well-being of occupants, such as babies and aged relatives. Read more

As Google gears up its social push, attracting the right games to its platform will be critical. So the search giant will welcome the endorsement of Playfish, and with it, parent company Electronic Arts, for its plans in Google Me.

I met Sebastien de Halleux, co-founder of Playfish and now also VP for strategic partnerships at EA Interactive, in London on Friday. Nine months after its $300m-plus acquisition by EA, Playfish is growing faster than it can hire, and Mr de Halleux remains effervescent about the potential for taking console franchises such as Fifa Soccer onto the web.

But he wasn’t so thrilled about Facebook’s current attitude towards games developers, and welcomed the prospect of a stiffer competitor in the form of Google. Read more