Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

The website Orkut is displayed on a screen in a cybercafe in BrasiliaFacebook seems to be everywhere these days: it reached half a billion users in July, its value is soaring and the inevitable film is coming out in October.

While the site has become synonymous with social networking in the US and Europe, the story is very different in Brazil, where Google’s Orkut is king of the hill. But as Brazilians become more globally connected, Facebook is making inroads into Latin America’s largest economy. Read more

Dell on Tuesday began selling its first US smartphone, a model using an older version of Google’s Android operating system and seen as a lower-end entry that will be followed by more sophisticated models.

The Dell Aero joins a throng of competitors, even among Android phones, which now collectively outsell Apple’s iPhone. Read more

Netgear is set to announce 11 new products next week, all on the theme of helping consumers move or stream digital content onto their TVs.

A router, switch, media players, powerline technology and various adapters are being officially unveiled on Tuesday by the networking specialist. Read more