Daily Archives: September 10, 2010

To the extent that the mobile phone business is turning into a battle of rival software platforms, then having Stephen Elop at the top of the world’s biggest handset maker makes a lot of sense. But there’s much more to it than that, of course, which is why Nokia’s choice for its next CEO is a risk.

Short of finding a magic wand with which to conjure up another Steve Jobs, it’s hard to see what Nokia could have done to solve all of its problems. Read more

Will tablets eventually replace the PC? Today’s Lex writes, “As the PC market shows signs that the second half of the year will be weaker than expected, there are signs that tablet computers are beginning to cannibalise sales of their folding compatriots.”

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The International Radio Show (IFA) in Berlin is a misnomer these days, considering it now bills itself as the world’s biggest consumer electronics show and is stuffed with 3D TVs, home appliances, digital cameras and computers.

Radios are an endangered species at a show they monopolised when it first opened in 1924 as the Great German Radio Exhibition. But there were still a handful on display as I found out researching my first Personal Technology column for Business Life. Details of the “best in show” after the jump. Read more

Arm’s unveiling of the capabilities its Cortex-A15 processor design, previously codenamed Eagle, expands the possibilities for Arm-based chips well beyond the mobile phone industry they dominate.

The launch in San Francisco on Wednesday night also expanded Arm’s share price in London on Thursday as it rose 4 per cent to a new 52-week peak of 403p – 200 per cent higher than a year ago. Read more