Daily Archives: September 16, 2010

YouView is finally open. The BBC-led internet-TV consortium, formerly known as Project Canvas, is open for business, open to all comers, and open-ended in its ambition.

That’s not a quote from Richard Halton, appointed chief executive of the joint venture on Thursday. It is the message that its new logo – as Project Canvas rebrands as YouView – is designed to send to viewers, content owners and developers. Read more

Does Google trample on tech start-ups that get in the way of its larger advertising ambitions?

That’s what Skyhook, a small company whose software is used in handsets to identify their location,  says in a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts on Wednesday. It accuses the search giant of twisting the arm of Motorola, forcing it to eject Skyhook’s software (and replacing it with Google’s own) as a condition of being able to ship Android handsets.

There’s no question that location data is becoming a very valuable resource in mobile advertising, so Google had plenty of incentive. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guilty as charged (it’s funny how the mere filing of a commercial dispute like this brings out a rash of stories on the Web about Google’s supposed willingness to “do evil”.) Read more

Microsoft says the average person spends half of his or her time on a PC looking at a Web browser. So it’s nice to be able to report that the latest version of Internet Explorer promises to bring some notable improvements to the everyday grind of Web viewing.

As we reported on Wednesday, even Google, while hell bent on winning more
users over to its rival Chrome browser, takes its hat off to IE9 (while promising to match it soon.) Read more