Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

HP is extending its platform for touch-enabled computing with the release of its fourth-generation TouchSmart software and the launch of an Apps Center for free and subscription-based applications.

Owners of its TouchSmart all-in-one PCs will be able to get the upgrade later this year and it is installed on a new version of its TouchSmart PC, the 310, available on Wednesday in the US. Read more

Techcrunch reported over the weekend that Facebook is working on its own mobile phone, which will tightly integrate its social networking features into the device.

Facebook has said that it is “not building a phone”.

But Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington is standing by his story, noting that Apple doesn’t directly operate its own mobile manufacturing equipment either.

If the idea of a Facebook phone sounds familiar, perhaps you read FT Tech Blog’s post from February. If Techcrunch’s story is true, our crystal ball seems to have been working particularly well back then. Read more