Daily Archives: September 27, 2010

Hardly a week goes by without a big technology company trumpeting its cloud computing services. Not to be left out, telecoms operators are also eyeing the burgeoning market.

Orange has just announced a tie-up with Cisco, EMC and VMware that will see the four companies offering cloud computing service for businesses. Read more

Four years after Nintendo released the Wii and its motion controller, “Wiimote,” Microsoft prepares for the release of its rival device, Kinect.

Today’s Lex argues, “If Microsoft existed 100 years ago, it would probably be announcing an innovative new buggy whip while Henry Ford chuntered past in a Model T.” Read more

Vibrant Media, an in-text advertising company which has grown from a $500,000 investment in 2000 to $100m revenues last year, is hiring a new chief financial officer in preparation for a possible initial public offering, writes FT Media Editor Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson.

Jeff Babka is coming in from Sophos, an Oxford-based IT security company that had begun work on an IPO filing before its $830m sale to Apax Partners. Read more