Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

Six phone models and 20 months after they joined forces, the smartphone alliance between Asus, the Taiwanese computer maker, and Garmin, the US global positioning device company, is over – at least in its original form.

The two companies on Tuesday announced a new mode of cooperation. Instead of jointly developing Garmin Asus branded phones, Garmin will now only provide its navigation software to Asus, on an exclusive basis for the Android platform. Phones from the Taiwanese company, the world’s fifth-biggest PC maker, will from now on be Asus-branded in front, with a “Garmin Navigation” logo on the back. Read more

Ray Ozzie has never hidden his view that Microsoft’s army of developers and product managers have clung to a PC-centric view of the world for far too long.

Now, on the verge of leaving the company, he has penned a memo confronting a subject that is still taboo at the world’s biggest software company: that we have entered the Post-PC era.

Coming from the inside, this is as direct a warning as you could expect to hear about the threats that are now looming for Microsoft’s Windows and Office cash cows. Read more