Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

The bitter dispute between Google and China rumbles on. In the latest episode, the company has released a white paper urging the international community to fight internet restrictions, which it calls the “trade barriers of the 21st century”.

Naturally, Google officials denied that the report was targeted at a specific country. Bob Boorstin, Google’s director of public policy, told the FTRead more

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said the future of messaging was online conversations not email, as he unveiled an upgraded browser-based email and messaging service at a news conference in San Francisco on Monday.

With more than half a billion members, such a service could turn Facebook into a serious webmail challenger to Microsoft, Yahoo and Google overnight.

Our live coverage from the news conference is after the jump: Read more

Google has never been shy about the fact that it automatically puts results from some of its own services at the top of search results pages if these help answer a users’ query faster. If you type in an address, a map from Google Maps might give you the instant answer you need.

But how often does Google do this, does it always result in superior results, and what effect does it have on companies that offer rival services? Ben Edelman, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, has tested what he calls “hard-coding” by the search engine – that is, where it overrides the normal algorithmic results to put a Google answer first – and concludes the practice is now common. Read more