Daily Archives: December 9, 2010

By Ralph Jennings in Taipei

Could this be a way to turn any computer monitor into a touchscreen, at least for limited applications like adding a signature to a document?

A company in Taiwan has designed electronic sticky notes that can “melt” everything from a signature to a drawing right through a computer LCD screen and into the system. Read more

Facebook and Twitter have removed accounts run by computer hackers who have made revenge attacks against services perceived to have abandoned WikiLeaks in recent days.

The online campaign, known as Operation Payback, has been using the social networking sites, as well as other chat rooms, to co-ordinate its computer assaults.

Electronic Arts is launching a rival games portal to Apple’s Game Center on the iPhone and iPad touch on Thursday.

Apple has approved the video game publisher’s Pogo app, which brings its PC browser-based casual games service to the App Store. Read more