Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

A $2bn war chest certainly sounds formidable. For any other company, it would have investors clamouring to know how the money was going to be used. But given the sort of battles that lie ahead for Facebook, it’s really little more than a down payment. Read more

Vizio, the leading LCD TV brand in the US, is working with Google to promote 3D apps for its televisions as it switches to Android from supporting Yahoo’s Connected TV technology. Vizio is also announcing plans to break out from televisions and launch a smartphone and a tablet device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Read more

And we’re off… as the clock struck midnight in Las Vegas for the beginning of CES week, Toshiba unveiled the first of many tablet devices expected to be shown at the Consumer Electronics show.

The Toshiba Tablet is the first aimed at the US market by Toshiba and looks an advance on the Folio tablet it introduced in Europe towards the end of last year, which I saw unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin. Read more